OIS Commitment

OIS has a long-standing QHSE commitment to the highest standards in provision of quality services, health and safety of our employees, customers, and contractors as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which we live and work.

QHSE Management System

QHSE Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations with regards to quality, health, safety, and the environment.

Management communicates the QHSE philosophy to all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated with our business, and each division must provide positive evidence of conformance to the system.

QHSE System is continuously improved by conformance checks

• for standards and procedures (controls)

• for the management system (correction)

• for the effectiveness of management system (monitoring)

• for thorough modifications to the management system (improvement).

Policy Statement, standards, and accountability

Management applies QHSE policies and rigorous standards throughout the company within OIS management systems which are comprised on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2015.

QUALITY policy

► The Management of Oilfield Inspection Services is committed to implement, maintain and continually improve the Quality System in accordance with General Criteria for the operation of Inspection bodies (ISO 17020 Type A) for its Inspection Services, Middle East Region.

► It is the Management’s Policy to provide independent and impartial Inspection services consistently to all interested parties as per ISO 9001 & 17020. Measurable quality objectives are established in order to enhance Inspection Service Quality.

To accomplish this Quality Policy, it is ensured that:

- Quality Objectives are regularly monitored, measured and analyzed

- Continual improvement is monitored and analyzed through management review meetings and customer satisfaction feedback as well as other KPIs

- Associated risks in order to provide independent and impartial Inspection services in consistent manner are identified, that arise from its activities or from its relationships or from the relationships of its personnel

- Confidentiality of Information obtained relevant to the Inspection Services is safe-guarded

- Inspection services are provided in accordance with stated methods and Customers’ requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements

- Adequate resources are trained and have adequate Inspection related knowledge (value chain)

- It is always ensured that the Inspection personnel act impartially

- Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels

- Conducive work environment is enhanced so that staff work ethics is promoted

- Effectiveness of the Quality System is continually monitored and improved

- The integrity of the Quality System is maintained when changes are occurring in the Management and relevant Processes

- Complaints and appeals are handled effectively on time

- Quality System is reviewed during periodic intervals


Oilfield Inspection Services realizes that good HSE performance is an integral part of its Business Management and that long-term success depends on continual improvement of HSE performance. This shall be achieved complying with Legal Regulations of The Sultanate of Oman and in a systematic manner by setting targets, Auditing and adopting industry best practices.

We are committed and guided by the following principles in implementing and complying with HSE Procedures and Standards.

► Safeguard the health and safety of our employees, contractors and third parties affected by our activities at all times and in all circumstances.

► Strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

► Empower each employee to STOP any unsafe work with full support from the leadership.

► Provide a framework, in our HSE MS for setting of HSE goals & performance objectives as well as monitor, evaluate and continually improve our HSE performance through training, assessments and audits.

► Implement individual accountability to comply with HSE Management System requirements.

► Ensure that all employees are competent to carry out their duties and provide all information, instructions and supervision.

► Communicate, to all our employees, our commitment to this policy.

► Schedule Audits, inspections, drills for emergency preparedness and other programs as continuous machinery for identifying hazards, unsafe acts and conditions in the work place.

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IOS 9001 - 2015 Certification





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ISO 18001-2007 Certification





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