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Oilfield Inspection Services is a 100% Omani Company, established in 2010. In Oilfield Inspection Services we believe that, by ensuring optimum safety of your equipment, work place and competency of manpower, we are contributing to create a firm based and creative environment for your continuous improvement so we can be a part of the Omani society development process.

We are working hard to achieve our goals by using the latest technology, competence, quality, neutrality and objectivity as pillars on which our company is built and by which we move closer to our customer.


Our Vision To become an empowered and professional Inspection organization, focused on realistic goals, with impassioned leadership. And become the leading full service nondestructive testing company in Oman and Middle East.

Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers. Listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs and then delivering services that translate into customer success are essential to earn customer loyalty. With this shared vision binding the Company together, from the individual employee through to the corporate level, we are continuing to strengthen our corporate culture with a sustained drive to reform, both the way we think and manage our business.

Growth comes on taking smart risks, based on the state of the industry that requires not only a conviction in studying the trends, but also in inducing changes in our industry. Our medium-to-long-term corporate vision clearly sets out how we visualize ourselves as a company, the direction in which we plan to progress, and the areas in which we aim to expand our business with great success.

This ensures that the services we deliver continue to cater to the actual needs while simultaneously pushing back technological boundaries.


Our Mission to utilize leading edge technologies to provide precise, timely and dependable nondestructive testing services while ensuring a safe and sustainable work environment for our employees and clients.

Our Purpose to make equipment operations safer, more efficient, and more cost effective for our clients.

Our Pledge to run an honorable company and constantly and diligently work to improve our efforts to provide the best services, the best equipment and the best attitudes of any nondestructive testing company. We will not deviate from these goals nor allow them to be compromised in any way.

OIS is committed in providing the Industry with a strong and reliable service that is so essential to a successful campaign.

Our commitment to the Industry remains that we will continue to add / train and qualify both personnel and equipment with best techniques / upgrades to enable the client with "confidence to go downhole every time". As an internationally based services organization our mission is to effectively enhance our customers operating efficiencies improving their operations. We will accomplish this objective by utilizing proven methods, experienced and qualified people, and innovative technical solutions to solve complex customer issues in a value added approach.

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