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We are working hard to achieve our goals by using the latest technology, competence, quality, neutrality and objectivity as pillars on which our company is built and by which we move closer to our customer.

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Oilfield Inspection Services

Oilfield inspection Services is a 100% Omani Company, established in 2009. In Oilfield inspection Services we believe that, by ensuring optimum safety of your equipment, work place and competency of manpower, we are contributing to create a firm based and creative environment for your continuous improvement so we can be a part of the Omani society development process.

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Our Services


Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Eddy Current, Visual, Ultra Sonic, Electromagnetic, Drill Pipe, Casing and Tubing, BHA, Rod, BOP, Handling Equipment, Bore Scope.


Cranes, Lifting Equipment Inspection and Load Testing, Planning and Supervising of Lifting Operation.


Dropped Objects Provision Survey (DROPS).

Other Services

Scaffolding and Consultancy, Leisure Industry, Sand Blasting, Pressure Test, Hard Banding, Rattling, Straightening, Bucking Machine, Hydro Blasting, Coating.

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We are working hard to achieve our goals

Best Work Is Our Passion !

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